Dear guest:
Sample of Wedding Plan
Ò» Before the wedding day 1 Make a plan of the wedding and conclude it with customers. 2 Book the wedding breakfast; send the invitations and do all the other things that customers ask for customers. 3 Arrange and decorate the wedding room (with flowers and balloon, etc.) 4 Decorate the parents of both sides appropriately. 5 Communicate with the newlyweds on the knowledge of wedding and do practice. ¶þ On the wedding day The staffs are on the scene at 8:00, including the photographers who prepare for shooting. Make the bridal up at 8:30; decorate the wedding cars at 9:00 and finish it at 10:00. Begin to shoot or make the video at 10:30. Take photos for the relatives at 11:00; the wedding cars set out at 11:30. The bridegroom arrives at the bride¡¯s at 12:00. The bride meets mother-in-law at 12:40 The staffs shooting the outer door scene set out at 13:30 and begin to shoot or make the video at 14:00. Prepare the wedding breakfast at 16:00; make the bride up; receive the guests at 17:00. The wedding breakfast begins at 17:30; master of ceremonies presides at it with the cooperation of the staffs in the background. Programs of teasing the bride at 20:30; say goodbye to the guests at 21:30 The photographers and the other staffs say goodbye to the guests at 21:50 after finishing all the work. ÈýAfter the wedding day The process of the wedding is made into the discs, which we send to the newlyweds¡¯. We¡¯ll express our sincere blessing to the newlyweds with lily at their first wedding anniversary: a bunch of romantic flowers and a big wedding cake. (Please contact with us if the address changes.) The plan and the budget of the wedding are as follows: We divide the wedding service into two parts: the service of wedding ceremony and the decoration of the wedding. The service of wedding ceremony includes: 1 Make the plan of the wedding 2 Do a series of service for newlyweds, such as booking the wedding breakfast, sending the invitations, looking for the parks to shoot, etc. The details can be discussed. 3 Do the arrangement and coordination of the wedding day. 4 Offer the design and purchase of the wedding necessities. 5 Make the arrangement of the wedding ceremony. 6 Do the arrangement of shooting and making videos.