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Planning services
The task of this department is to coordinate every part. The relation with the internal part is to cooperate with the advertisement¡¯s planning of the center department. Help them make plans and organize activities. The relation with the external part is to keep the sound relation with the costumers and maximize their effects. Planning includes: 1. Plan one or two large-scale collective activities for the advertising business center. Make a plan of the staff¡¯s travel, including scenic sightseeing, sports competitions, bonfire nights, playing amusement machine, etc. to adjust the staff¡¯s working state and strengthen the enthusiasm and unity of the center¡¯s staff; 2. Continue selecting the heroic figures of 2007 in advertising business. Change the content of the board weekly in order to inspire the enthusiasm of the staff; 3. Every year when the festivals arrive, we will do well the plan, such as ¡°Father's Day gifts recommended by Xinglong¡±, which we cooperate with Xinglong---- the big family on Father's Day, and ¡°best recommendation of travel in the golden holiday¡± on the National Day, etc. Further strengthen the maintenance of the relationship with the customers: 1. Establish the database of the customers. Make full use of our own advantages in resources to spread information to the customers; 2 Visit the important customers in the period of festival. Make itinerant visit with flowers or gifts to the special customers. 3. Communicate with the customers frequently and organize some activities in holiday or nights for establishing the friendship between newspaper and advertising customers. Keep the sound relation with the customers and provide more comprehensive and considerate services for them.