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Talents view of the enterprise
Be rich in the family might as well own a strong man in front of the house. That is to say, wealth is not immortal, but talents are the permanent treasure. ¡ï Attach great importance to talents, import them, exploit them at all costs and reserve them in order to seek further development of the enterprise. ¡ï Select the talents should take the virtue as the first importance and then try to have both virtue and abilities. ¡ï Pay great attention to the training of personnel. The enterprise is also a school. We will not make the promise of providing the lifetime job opportunities, but we make efforts to cultivate lifetime ability of obtaining employment. ¡ï Provide the platform for talents. Encourage them to study hard and innovate so as to realize the self-achievement. ¡ï Talents are tempered in due pressure. ¡ïThe leadership should assign reasonably to make sure that everyone is charged with his work. The leadership should make the right choice and the staff should do things right. The tip to employ is to make use of the personnel¡¯s advantages and avoid his weakness. ¡ïClearly assigned. Be reasonable way of payment. Fittest is the best. The staff and the enterprise develop together.