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The assessment of the “diamond” hotel refers to the dining industry, while the assessment of the “star” hotel concerns the accommodation industry. The assessment of the “diamond” level covers such industries as hotelsrestaurantspubsteahouses at various forms. According to the result of this assessment, these hotels or restaurants will be marked with the best (5 diamond), grade A (4 diamond), grade B (3 diamond), grade C (2 diamond), grade D (1 diamond) at the city level. This assessment, issued by some departments of the city, is based on Regulations on Ranking the Hotels, which has a lot of explicit regulations, including the factors of materialmanagementtechniqueservicesecuritysanitation, etc.


The best or the grade A hotel is recommended by the provincial assessment committee to the national assessment committee, while the hotels of the other three grades are assessed by the provincial assessment committee directly.