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Tourism and Ecology
Tourism, as one of the promising industries in the 21st century, provides people with opportunities to get to know nature and enjoy an ideal environment. It has become a modern lifestyle for many people. It also promotes the development of the economy. But as the saying goes ¡°Every coin has two sides¡±, many problems have occurre because of the booming and the tourism. Rivers and lakes are polluted, trees cut down, and wild animals disappeared, and the lives of local people have been disturbed. Many of the lovely natural scenes have been destroyed through carelessness. This destruction has led to the ecological crises. Do all these facts seem too far away and unimaginable to you? The answer is absolutely not. I will share my own experience to make it clear. I took a trip to Sanya in Hainan province when I was a Sophomore, I was deeply attracted by the special tropical scene before I arrived there. But I was rather shocked by what I saw. The people had moved into modern houses built by the government, for the government planed to expand more tourist places. Their traditional customs and the lifestyle were fading. So I thought it made no sense to make such a trip. Was this one of the aspects the development of tourism impacts on the environment? Do you still think the destruction of the environment is far from us? All these facts should make us take action to protect our environment. So the emergency of ecotourism has appeared. Ecotourism, considered as a special product of achieving tourism is becoming widely accepted around the world. What we can do is to explore and make use of our natural resources rationally. With the advancement of science and technology, we will learn how to be in harmony with nature. Furthermore, the reinforcement of ecology education plays an important role in environment protection. In this way, we not only prevent the deterioration of environment but also cultivate people¡¯s correct view of nature.