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How important role does the construction of enterprise culture play?
Ò» The construction of enterprise culture is the key factor of the enterprise competition. The enterprise culture means the integration of the common consciousness, view of value, vocational moral and code of conduct observed by the staffs through the social practice under the certain social and economic conditions. It is a kind of special cultural management taking the value as the core formed in the course of the enterprise or the organization¡¯ development. It is the invisible power and asset through the concerted efforts to realize the value and promote the competition of the enterprise. The enterprise culture covers the enterprise¡¯s view of value, spirit, way of management, style, moral and code of conduct observed by the staffs. The successful enterprise culture must include the characteristics as follows: concise, convincible; the view of value is generally acknowledged; the view of value is proved by the successful practice; the important members of the enterprise are full of responsibilities; make the staffs spare no efforts to protect the enterprise, representatives and the image of the enterprise. It is also the basis for enterprise culture to become the impetus. The enterprise culture actually is a kind of competitive culture. In this competition, the credit, image and brand have become the infinite invisible asset of the enterprise and play the important role in the competition of the market. In this sense, the competition of the modern enterprise is the competition of the enterprise culture. From this angle, the enterprise is not only an economic organization but also a cultural organization, and the management of the enterprise is not only the competition of the productions but also the competition of the culture. Consequently, the competition of the enterprise is actually a kind of cultural competition implied in the image of the enterprise, propaganda of the productions and the activities of social public relations. The construction of enterprise culture aims at promoting the core competition of the enterprise and pursues the effectiveness. The enterprise must lay stress on cultural strategies in order to make a success in the market and boost the development of the enterprise. It is the key factor to promote the core competition of the enterprise. ¶þThe construction of enterprise culture is the formidable impetus for the enterprise¡¯s development. The excellent enterprise culture plays an important role in the management of the enterprise. First, the enterprise culture is a kind of cohesive force, which can unite the staffs to make them work hard. Fundamentally speaking, the cohesive force of the staffs is the objective of the enterprise. The cohesion of the enterprise culture comes from the correct choice of the basic target of the enterprise. If the goal of the enterprise is not only consistent with the interests of enterprise but also with the interests of vast majority of the staffs, that is, it is a win-win goal for both collective and individuals, then it means that the cohesion of the enterprise culture is taken into effect. Otherwise, the forming of the cohesion of the enterprise is just a daydream no matter what strategy it takes. Second, the enterprise culture is directive, which covers directions of value and conduct. The enterprise¡¯s view of value and spirit is invisibly directive, which offer the correct and important methods for the enterprise, so that ensure the enterprise develop rapidly, well and stably. Third, the enterprise culture is inspiring. Encouragement is a sort of mental power and state. The cultural atmosphere and direction of the value formed by the enterprise culture are the inspiration, which mobilizes and motivates the initiation and creation of the staffs, gives full play to the staff¡¯s potentials and wisdom, promotes the abilities of the staff¡¯s self-management and enhances the enterprise¡¯s executive ability. Finally, the enterprise culture is restrictive. The enterprise culture involves something about management, while the management also embodies the enterprise¡¯s culture. Those what shouldn¡¯t do and can¡¯t do are the results of the restriction of the enterprise culture and spirit in a soft way. The restriction can promote the initiation and self-discipline of the staffs, let them know the meaning and methods of work, so that make them full of senses of responsibilities. ,